Here are some oil fittings which have been machined.  They are specifically for an Installation of a Garret tripleK hybrid turbo to a an Audi motor.   The Garret hybrid uses a tripleK hotside and with a Garret coldside and center section.  The turbine wheel and turbo internals are entirely Garret.  The benefit of this design is that it allows a bolted on tripleK turbine housing to the Audi turbo plumbing.  Specifically the downpipe, manifold and wastegate.   The manufacturing drawback is that new lines need to be manufactured since Garret uses English fittings as well as having a different arrangement of lines.  

Custom lines can be made with Aeroquip fittings.   The largest line in size but not length is the oil drain line.  For my car and for many other Audis, there is a Garret oil drain flange which is a standard part which happens to have the same bolt gage as the bolts on the Audi oil housing.   These flanges are typically threaded for 1/2" NPT (pipe thread).  So two of these garret flanges along with the accompanying Aeroquip fittings will make a very nice oil drain hose. Two AN-10 to 1/2" NPT fittings are required for this.  One straight and one 90 degree.  A section of AN-10 line about 12inches long is needed as well.  As well as two AN-10 hose ends.

The water lines are easy if you have an engine that already has a water cooled turbo.  The water inlet and outlet holes on Garret center sections are tapped for 3/8" NPT.   This is convenient for an Audi since AN-6 to 3/8" NPT fittings are very easy to get and will thread right in.  AN-6 line to the water manifold along with AN-6 90 degree fittings and hose ends complete the package.  I had a custom AN-6 to large metric thread fitting made to screw directly into an existing port on my water manifold.   The water return line is another simple AN-6 fitting at the turbo with a hose end and line to the block.  If your engine doesn't have a water cooled turbo, then a freeze plug with a nipple will have to be ordered from Audi.   Its just pulled out and the new one is hammered in.  There are some nice hose ends and clamps for this connection.

The oil feed line is where these fittings come in.  One small one is for the oil housing.  It is tapped for 1/4" NPT to AN-6 with the same bolt gage as the audi Oil housing.  The larger flange is for the garret turbo.  Eventhough the turbo oil inlet is threaded, I chose to make a flange to maintain a 1/4" inside diameter oil flow to the turbo.  The large flange is also tapped for 1/4" NPT.