One of the planned future projects for my car is to fabricate a S1 airbox which bolts directly to the turbocharger.  Right now I have a kevlar box which I put together in an afternoon as a stop-gap measure just to have something workable for driving around, but ultimately, I need to replace it with a proper reproduction.  So Step 1 in this process is getting photos of an actual S1 airbox.   Since there are no S1s in the US, that means getting on the horn to England and calling Gary, John and the boys.   Gary is building a S1 reproduction and its coming along nicely.   He found an S1 airbox from a guy using it on an RS200 so he took some nice photos of it.  As its something I have Never seen before online, I am cross-posting here for everyone to see.    As per Gary, the air filters are mann part number c3984.   Dzus suitcase style fasteners although the type seen here are slightly different than on some other S1 boxes, I will keep gathering information.