Moving forward with the reassembly after carefully looking over everything.  The Manifold required a bit of work to deck all the surfaces, fix a few hairline cracks and weld the anti-lag manifold back on the flange.   A long table belt sander and many many belts was used on the flange.  It was some exotic very hard material.  Here is the manifold mounted to the head.  20 bolts for 5 cylinders.  The gasket is a copper gasket.  Its been annealed using MAPP gas.  Once annealed, it gets as soft as lead.

Top view of the anit-lag manifold.  This will not be used.  We will cap the whole assembly with a thick copper gasket at the 2nd wastegate flange. The helicoflex steel O-rings used on the original assemblies can be seen in this picture.  We have made a hollow copper ring for the wastegate to manifold which can barely be seen in this picture.  We'll reuse the helicoflex at the 2nd wastegate.  A new copper gasket will be made between the turbo and manifold.

The water manifold back on the head.  All new bolts and washers throughout the assembly.  There are 5 low profile M6 internal hex bolts holding this flange to the head, and then 3 normal head M6 bolts that fit in recesses where flange is thicker.  5 Stainless M8 bolts with Plated washers at the bottom.  The 6 holes between the air inlets are for the long M6 bolts that hold the Intake manifold to the head.  All these bolts can be bought from Eagle-Day.