I took delivery of some parts from Dubai.   As you can see they are arrayed in the office of my new house.

These are from a Rothman's A2 car which according to seller was somehow abandoned in a junkyard there in Dubai.   The seller who works for an international Car magazine heard about this A2 through the grapevine and started searching all the local wrecking yards.   Eventually he found the right place, but it was too late.  The car (chasis) had been crushed.  The owner of the yard had taken the "juicy" parts off the car because he knew they were worth money.  So here it is, basically the bodywork.  The engine and transmission that the guy had looked completely stock urquattro, and obviously would have been very expensive to ship an engine and transmission from Dubai to Texas.   So I passed on them and didn't have an opportunity to take a better look, but I'm 99.9% sure they were stock units.   These parts are bit worse for wear, but overall in good condition.  The rally dashboard will be particularly useful as a retrofit to the dash currently in my car.  The grill will also be very useful as this one isn't substantially damaged, which means I can take a casting of it for replication.

The rear trunk lid is plastic.  Very strange.  The rear wing is kevlar.  The oil cooler is pretty much identical to the one I have.

Here are the two wide A2 kevlar front flares or fenders.  The carpeted dashtop which is basically a slab of aluminum sheet metal covered in carpet and the dash, which is also a slab of aluminum.  The intrument cluster portion is held on with dzus fasteners.  Nothing terribly remarkable about the dash.  It appears to be painted aluminum.

The compartments labeled 1 2 and 3 basically hold very old style ceramic fuses.  Like the kind in the 70s.  Interestingly, under the cover it says "Benz pumpe Mercedes"  So Audi used a Mercedes Benz fuel pump?

Front grill is in good condition. 

Front bumper cover has some damage.  to the left and right low are ducts which channel air back to the brakes.  the left duct is busted.  This will have to have a wet kevlar layup repair.

here is a better shot of the ductwork which funnels the air.  The bumper is made from kelvar and proportionally is very similar to a Euro urquattro bumper.  The two mounting supports can be seen these reach in and mount to the sides of the box frames on the unibody.  The aluminum tube front clip does not support the bumper.

Here is an interesting shot of what the back of the dash looks like.  Very utilitarian.  You can see the Dzus fasteners and the cut out for the steering column. 

All guages are VDO.  the old style fuse holders are to the right.

Here is one more wide angle shot of the back of the dash.  You can see the thickness of the aluminum is gauge material.  Quite thin.