This weekend, I installed the new Siemens 500cc injectors.  They are all black so the old green RS2 are out.

I also installed the Boost controller.  The solenoid is the little box mounted between the Intake manifold and the intercooler.  The vacuum lines are plumbed to it and its wired to the Turbosmart boost controller on the dash.

I also ran the hoses for the crankcase and cam cover vent.  The catchcan is mounted between the intercooler and the driver front headlight.  It has a removable filter and a drain at the bottom.   I used a stock lower vent hose and then built a 3/4" stainless barbed T fitting.   The ISV is now gone which was my high idle problem.   I can sustain an 800 rpm idle now.

Here is a shot of the completed exhaust side of the motor.  Still need to build the bracket to support the turbo and the Airbox.  The airbox will come this week.  I should be okay on the bracket for dyno runs.  The turbo is tapped at the start of the scroll for the boost controller.  The fitting on the lower wastegate is a M12x1.5 to AN4.  The hose end on the top of the wastegate is a clamped end type.   The top of the 2nd wastegate is currently plumbed to to the intake manifold.  It will open and close, but it does nothing since the 2nd wastegate is capped off.

Better shot of the solenoid.